"The photoshoot is for FREE, order only if you like your pictures !"

Photoshoot for couple

Photoshoot for couple


Professional photoshoot to illustrate your passion.

Fall for a romantic session and have an unforgettable experience with your partner.

With My Shooting Photo, immortalize a lovely moment spent together. Our photographers will be able to transcribe your love, through their photos.

Feel to free to book your photoshoot and order only if you like the pictures !

Limited places each week.

Our concept


1 - Choose the place, the day and the hour of your photoshoot


2 - Enjoy a FREE photoshoot outdoors with a professional photographer


3 - Order the pictures you like the most for 20€ per photo downloaded

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A moment to live together


The duo photo shoot adapts to you, whether you are a young couple or two newlyweds, our professional duo photo shoots guarantee you a unique moment as well as a variety of photos at the end of your session.

You have a thousand and one reasons to come and do a romantic photo shoot! With our professional photographers, we are committed to creating the best of you with photos that look like you.

A photo shoot is a unique experience for everyone. It is a strong moment that will allow you to fully live the present moment and immortalize your love.

Here are a few reasons why hiring a professional photographer is essential:

Use our services for all occasions:

All couples love to take pictures! Whether it's during their holidays, a birthday, a party, during a special event... every moment spent is the perfect opportunity to take a beautiful photo and capture your love.

However, the result is rarely the one expected! Even with a latest generation phone, the quality will rarely be the same as our professional photographers.

For each stage of your life, do not hesitate to favor the professional result of a trained photographer. The result will be far beyond your expectations!


Voici quelques exemples d’occasion où vous pourrez immortaliser votre amour grâce à My Shooting Photo :

- Célébrer l’anniversaire de votre rencontre

- Annoncer un mariage

- Fêter la Saint-Valentin

- Offrir un cadeau à son partenaire pour le plaisir et vous amuser

- Immortaliser l’arrivée d’un nouveau membre dans votre famille

- Marquer un moment clé dans votre vie

- Offrir de belles photos à vos proches (enfants, grands-parents, amis...)

A moment of life to share:

A couple photo session is not a trivial activity. It's a real human experience!

Calling on a professional photographer allows feelings and emotions to appear that are sometimes buried or simply put aside.

When the couple let themselves go during the shoot, these emotions are present and are more felt in the images.


More and more people do not like their image and regularly find flaws. Thanks to the professional work of the photographers of My Shooting Photo and the retouching carried out, the compliments flow and this allows you to reconcile with yourself!

So entrust us with your photo session and you will be able to take advantage of the advantages offered by our agency!

Our client feedback

I recommend a thousand times! Gaetan did a great job. very available before and during the shoot, he gave us very good advice, made us feel comfortable. The result is overwhelming. And, oh my god, the photos were available the same evening on our online space !


Just a superb session! We are not regulars, this is our first shoot and we were afraid of being uncomfortable given our lack of experience and that it can be felt in the photos ... but it's just the opposite! Stéphane really put us at ease, he accompanied us on the poses, we even felt photogenic haha :D We received the photos the day after the shoot and the price is very affordable. We really recommend !! 


We did a photoshoot with Stéphane on a sunny Saturday morning, it was really a pleasant moment. Stéphane is very attentive and he knew how to guide us and put us at ease, we who are novices, it was perfect! We highly recommend going through My Shooting Photo to capture a moment!


Great time spent with Stéphane, very professional, attentive and gives very good advice. The photos are superb and were available the same evening! I recommend 200% !!


Feel to free to book your photoshoot and order only if you like the pictures !

Limited places each week.