"The photoshoot is for FREE, order only if you like your pictures !"

Solo Photoshoot

Solo photoshoot


Professional photoshoot for fun !

Your photo shoot must define you.

Our portrait photographers will get the most out of your personality through their images.

Whether on social networks, on dating sites or even on sites dedicated to employment, a good image has become essential to stand out.

Your followers, potential meetings or future employers will make a first impression by discovering a magnificent portrait of you.

Feel to free to book your photoshoot and order only if you like the pictures !

Limited places each week.

Our concept


1 - Choose the place, the day and the hour of your photoshoot


2 - Enjoy a FREE photoshoot outdoors in with a professional photographer


3 - Order the pictures you like the most for 20€ per photo downloaded

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A photoshoot in your image!

Book your solo photoshoot. Our professional photographers will be able to capture this privileged moment, the time of an outdoor photo shoot.

Give free rein to your movements during this photo session outside or at your home. Take advantage of the experience of a professional to put yourself in the picture.

Discover now 4 excellent reasons to do a solo photoshoot!

1- Develop your self-confidence:

We regularly hear the same phrases come out during photo shoots: "I don't know how to do it, it's the first time I've done this" / "I'm sorry, I'm not photogenic, you're going to have a lot of job" / "I'm ugly" / "I don't like myself" etc...

Anyone can become photogenic, all you need is the right light, the right position and an expression that looks like you to make you stand out. Everyone is different and we adapt to each profile.

The professional photographer will look at yourself differently from yours. It will show you a side of yourself that you are not used to seeing.

It is important to love yourself and trust yourself. The results will be seen immediately on the pictures.


2- Boost your social networks:

To gain visibility, reach your target, show your work, your shots, share your desires. By creating an artist page with professional quality photos, you have the opportunity to share with your community, create relationships and above all gain visibility.

Between likes, shares and comments, social networks generate a lot of interactions. The photo is the medium that generates the most.

It is the media par excellence to move, and social networks are media based on emotion. In this, the photo is very important to reach your community and encourage it to become attached to your values ​​and to share them.

Ready to boost your profile image with quality photos? Show who you really are and how unique you are!

3- Enhance your Linkedin profile or your professional CV:

Whatever your objective on the Linkedin network or your professional CV, it is with a "complete" profile that you will obtain more answers / contacts / relationships and maximize your chances of being among the first search results for your dream job. .

However, if many of you fill in all the fields of your profile in detail, one element is still too often overlooked: the profile photo.

Do you know that visitors to your page make a judgment in just 40 milliseconds, and only from your profile picture?

It is therefore not surprising that today, profiles with photos collect 21 times more visits and contacts.

Trust us, and your professional photo shoot will allow you to achieve your goal for sure!


4- Multiply your matches on dating sites:

Are you single and registered on a dating site like Tinder, Meetic, or Edarling? You realize that not much is coming out of your profile.

Success on a dating application depends above all on quality photos. A powerful camera is not enough for successful photos. We must not neglect any detail so that the shots have the expected effects.

Calling on our professionals will allow you to multiply your chances of matching.

Unlike an amateur, a professional photographer can guarantee you a result. During the shoot, he will be present to put you at ease so that the result can be as natural as possible. He will be able to reassure you in front of the lens to rule out facial expression problems, and the tension of the face and body. It can then capture every moment in the moment to give you beautiful, unique photos.

Client Feedback

I recommend a thousand times! Gaetan did a great job. very available before and during the shoot, he gave us very good advice, made us feel comfortable. The result is overwhelming. And, oh my god, the photos were available the same evening on our online space !


Just a superb session! We are not regulars, this is our first shoot and we were afraid of being uncomfortable given our lack of experience and that it can be felt in the photos ... but it's just the opposite! Stéphane really put us at ease, he accompanied us on the poses, we even felt photogenic haha :D We received the photos the day after the shoot and the price is very affordable. We really recommend !! 


We did a photoshoot with Stéphane on a sunny Saturday morning, it was really a pleasant moment. Stéphane is very attentive and he knew how to guide us and put us at ease, we who are novices, it was perfect! We highly recommend going through My Shooting Photo to capture a moment!


Great time spent with Stéphane, very professional, attentive and gives very good advice. The photos are superb and were available the same evening! I recommend 200% !!


Feel to free to book your photoshoot and order only if you like the pictures !

Limited places each week.